24 Hour Emergency AC Repair Houston Tx 77054

AC Repair Houston Tx 77054

Is your air conditioner experiencing issues? 5 Star Repair Services Inc. has HVAC trained technicians available to assist homeowners in the Houston, TX, 77054 area. Before scheduling a 24 hour AC repair 77054 Houston service call, consider checking a few things as a homeowner. Dirty filters can lead to HVAC freezing up, blocking airflow into your 77054 Houston home. If your air conditioning is frozen, try defrosting and replacing your filter before calling for service. Another common issue is tripped circuit breakers, which may not necessarily indicate a problem with your HVAC unit. Sometimes, the breaker is weak and needs replacement. If you lack experience in replacing breakers, it’s advisable to call an electrician. Additionally, a dirty condenser coil can cause problems with your HVAC, and it’s recommended to clean it with water to improve subcooling for your condenser. Finally, another easy repair is replacing batteries for your thermostat. Battery thermostat failure is an easy fix for any 77054 Houston Tx resident.